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HOW IT WORKS: Paving the path to a brighter future

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

College Students:

1. College Ventures is currently raising funds at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

-If you are a current student at either school, email dylan@collegeventures.org to join the team.

-If you go to a different university and want to get involved, send your resume and personal statement to dylan@collegeventures.org explaining why you are interested in starting a team at your university and what makes you a qualified leader.

2. Assemble a team of current college students (minimum of 10 team members, the more teammates, the easier it is to reach your goal).

3. Make your fundraising page using our custom fundraising platform and add your team members

4. After you have created your page, given a goal and matched with a College Ventures grant recipient, BEGIN FUNDRAISING! In the past, teams were most successful by running email and social media campaigns and beginning their initial fundraising by calling family and friends.

For tips on reaching your goal, questions or additional information, please reach out to our president, Dylan Abrams, at dylan@collegeventures.org.

High School Students:

High school students applying for college tuition grants must meet all of the below criteria and have a strong need for financial-aid;​

1. Student must be a current senior in high school.​

2. Student must have been accepted to an accredited, four-year institution.

3. Student must have a strong desire to pursue a career in a field which enables them to positively benefit their community.

4. Student must qualify for federal financial aid - be prepared to send in tax forms, bank account statements, and other forms of proof when filling out the application​.

For additional questions regarding the application process and whether or not you qualify, please reach out to our president, Dylan Abrams, at dylan@collegeventures.org.

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